Jamaican Proprietor of Trip Rental Firm Says No Extra Black American Friends

Jamaican Proprietor of Trip Rental Firm Says No Extra Black American Friends
Jamaican Proprietor of Trip Rental Firm Says No Extra Black American Friends

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The Jamaican proprietor of the Rustic Mountain Residing rental firm shocked social media by saying she wouldn’t enable any extra short-term stays. The explanation? She’s fed up with the alleged misbehavior of Black American friends.

In a TikTok video, “The Barefoot Mountain Girl,” stated she doesn’t consider all Black Individuals are ill-mannered, however a lot of the ones she hosted had been entitled, unappreciative and usually disrespectful in her presence.

She stated she solely ever had two mannerly Black American friends.

Essentially the most eyebrow-raising assertion was towards the top. The proprietor claimed Black Individuals are spoiled and count on the identical “free sh*t” in Jamaica they supposedly get at house.

Within the video, the lady does errands on her grounds, wades within the sea, and appears fully unbothered.

Individuals Had Heated Opinions

Unsurprisingly, the lady’s announcement sparked a firestorm of criticism.

Individuals accused her of perpetuating harmful, offensive stereotypes about Black Individuals.

Others questioned the knowledge of creating such a declaration on a public platform seemingly with no second thought. In addition they questioned how she will be able to work within the hospitality trade and be so inhospitable.

On Twitter, one person stated the proprietor was parroting white supremacist speaking factors about Black Individuals. However to them, it was extra comical than offensive.

Some requested for clarification on the freebies level. “I’d wish to obtain my free issues, please!” wrote one lady. “Is there a e-newsletter?”

After one potential visitor criticized the damaging power, The Barefoot Mountain Girl stated, “You don’t have to come back right here.”

One other person gave the proprietor recommendation within the type of a Jamaican proverb: “Anno every thing good fi eat, good fi speak,” that means “some issues are higher left unsaid.”

The Proprietor Is Utterly Unfazed and Received’t Again Down

The Barefoot Island Girl actually laughed on the blowback in but a 3rd video.

“I’m not sorry,” she stated. “You need to unfollow me? Block me? I don’t care.”