Lodge, restaurant, liquor retailer, housing, parking all deliberate for fifth/Water, fifth/Washington redevelopments | Information

A imaginative and prescient for the way forward for Northfield’s downtown is coming collectively on the native authorities stage.

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Northfield Downtown Redevelopment.png

Redevelopments at Fifth/Washington and Fifth/Water streets are the newest plans coming to fruition as a part of an total replace to Northfield’s downtown. Additionally within the works are a redevelopment mission on the previous Archer Home website, and, not labeled right here, a redesign of Bridge Sq.. Future initiatives nonetheless within the early levels embody housing and parking at Third/Washington and riverfront enhancements (not labeled right here). The Submit Workplace may relocate to Fifth/Washington, leaving the present constructing open for one thing new, probably a distillery from Loon Liquors.

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Fifth and Washington.jpeg

Consultants from Lander Group, together with metropolis employees, have proposed a brand new liquor retailer in Northfield, within the area at present occupied by a parking zone at Fifth and Washington streets. The Submit Workplace might additionally transfer to the brand new buildings right here, along with condo areas, parking, electrical automobile chargers and bike racks. (Graphic courtesy of Lander Group)

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Fifth and Water.png

A brand new lodge and restaurant area are anticipated to fill within the present liquor retailer website at Fifth and Water streets in downtown Northfield. An enhanced riverfront and park space may be a part of the mission, however that half shouldn’t be but factored into the price. (Graphic courtesy of Lander Group)

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